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For nearly thirty years, David has been involved in the Arctic expedition and travel business. Since moving from Scotland to the Canadian Arctic, he has led, organized or participated in more than three hundred Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, trips and projects. In that time he has travelled thousands of miles by dog sled, ski, snowmobile, boat, kayak, ship, foot and most recently became the first person to cross Baffin Island by fat tire bike. He has completed twenty successful expeditions through the Northwest Passage and guided over seventy trips to Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world. He was recently honoured by Canada Goose by becoming a “Goose Person” (one of only 50 people chosen across Canada) and share in the 50th anniversary of this great Canadian company. David has been recognized by the Explorers Club and was recently honoured by becoming a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.



In recent years, David has specialized in special projects, customised trips, in particular film and television production. He has been involved in the production of many notable productions including; BBC Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, Netflix Our Planet, CBC The Nature of Things and Suzuki Diaries, several Survivorman episodes with Les Stroud/OLN, Journey to the Edge of the World with Billy Connolly, Glacialis Productions Flight Of The Snowgoose, Primitive Productions Canada’s National Parks, along with National Geographic, ITV, Discovery channel, NHK productions and many more. David has guided Royalty, film stars, scientists, researchers, photographers, film makers as well as thousands of individual adventurers from all over the world. He is regularly called upon for consulting services related to Arctic exploration, logistics and tourism. Other responsibilities include armed polar bear monitor, giving talks/lectures on a variety of Arctic/Antarctic related subjects, kayak guide, zodiac driver and expedition team member.

David recently completed the second in a trilogy of Arctic expeditions that highlight and showcase Canadian history, geography and culture. The Bear Witness Expedition took place in 2017. Located off the Northern tip of Baffin Island at 73 degrees North, the successful expedition circumnavigated Bylot Island. The month long journey represented the largest island in the world ever to be circumnavigated by ski. In 2019 David led the Arctic Return Expedition. The 650 km journey (again on skis) paid honour and respect to Orcadian explorer and surveyor John Rae. Plans are being made for the third major expedition, likely to take place in 2025.





Experienced and comfortable exploring the polar regions; from penguins to polar bears, David’s passion and enthusiasm for sharing everything to do with ice, snow and the environment with clients from all over the world, helps people understand and appreciate just how unique and precious our polar regions are.

Point Wild, Elephant Island, Antarctica.
Near Danco Island, Antarctica.
Fat Tire Bike trip across Baffin Island.
Karrat Fiord, West Greenland. Photo by Scott Forsyth.
Photographing at 2am, North Baffin Island.
Gentoo penguin and two chicks. Antarctica.
Mother polar bear and two cubs. North Baffin Island.
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